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The ultimate solution for organic control!                     


DE-NAT DUST-A-WAY is our ultimate solution for organic control!
DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a unique fossilised compound that we process into a fine (food-grade) dust.

DE is unique as these fossilised minerals have microscopic jagged edges that create an uninhabitable environment.


Simply apply the dust to the leaves, and the granular as a layer over your substrate; job done!


This provides a physical barrier.

DUST-A-WAY works beautifully to stop unwanted visitors turning up in your garden.
Best applied immediately after transplant and apply dust weekly or fortnightly to the canopy.

  • Safe around people, pets, and ponds

  • Organically sourced and refined

  • Easy to apply

  • Safe to use on food and ornamental crops

  • Free from chemicals

  • Odourless

  • Beneficial as a soil additive


Dry Application:

  • Sprinkle De-Nat over the plants, leaves and stem base. To coat the underside of foliage, use the squeeze puff action.

Wet Application:

  • Mist 15g of De-Nat per litre of water. Spray all sides of the plant and underside of leaves. Only use the foliar application during the vegetative and early flowering stages of growth.

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