Flea, Lice & Mite Defence

All natural pet protection


Flea, Lice and Mite Defence is an effective Defence against lice, mites and fleas on dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, poultry, horses, calves and goats.  


Mother Nature’s Insect Defence provides the following:


  • Free from chemicals and poisons

  • controls fleas, lice and mites

  • removes odours on pets and their dwellings 

  • protects kennels and enclosures from infestation

  • use as a poultry dust bath 


Apply to the dry coat or feathers of pets working in with your hands all over taking care to avoid eyes, ears and nose.

Sprinkle liberally in and around their bedding and enclosures.


Re-apply after rain or bath as it is most effective when dry.

Controls all common pet pests

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