Oil & Liquid Spill Solution

Cost effective cleanup


Oil and Liquid Spill Solution provides a safe, quick and effective fix to all unwanted oil or liquid spills around your home or business hard floor surfaces. This saves you time, money and reduces the slip hazard associated with a spill.

Oil and Liquid Spill Solution provides the following:


  • Environmentally safe mineral

  • effectively absorbs oil & liquid spills

  • removes odours 

  • creates an anti-slip barrier to allow production to continue

  • twice as absorbent compared to other products

  • reduces chance of permanent stains

  • simply sweep up to allow safe and easy disposal


Pour all over spill and allow time to settle and absorb.

Cleanup with a heavy brush broom emptying into a bag or container.

The used absorbent should be disposed of according to the rules and regulations that govern the hazardous waste it came in contact with.

*can be used as an effective odour control in bins.

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