Essential Soil Conditioner


The next level in substrate development


Garden Granular 5-15mm

Lawn Granular 0.5-1.5mm


Essential Soil Conditioner allows you to grow like the pros! Experience unrivalled results in root strength, health and growth.

Essential Soil Conditioner provides the following:


  • Unrivalled retention of water and nutrients

  • creates a drought tolerant soil environment

  • absorbs up to 140% its weight in water

  • allows maximum aeration to the soil

  • Improves drainage

  • reduces compaction 

  • provides a thermal barrier from heat and frozen environments

  • allows lateral movement of water and nutrients 

  • won’t decompose

  • natural available source of Silica

  • promotes healthy strong roots 


Water in well after installation to each application below

Garden Plants - Add 2kg per M², mix well into the soil to a depth of approximately 300mm.


Potted plants – Mix 20% by volume evenly into soil


Hydroponic plants – blend 10-20% by volume into the growing medium 


Lawn & Turf – After aerating lawn or turf top dress evenly to the surface at 0.2kg per M²

Revegetation – Spread at a rate of 1kg per M² up to a depth of approximately 300mm

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