House & Home Insect Shield

Create a non-toxic lethal barrier from crawling insects


House & Home Insect Shield protects you, your family and contents from the infestation of those nasty crawling pests considering making your house their home. 

House & Home Insect Shield provides the following:


  • works on all crawling insects

  • Zero poison or chemicals

  • easy to apply

  • safe around people and pets

  • odourless 

  • eradicate bed bugs

  • deodorize fridge & bins

  • remains permanent if left dry and undisturbed

Controls all household insects


Sprinkle around all cracks and crevices inside the home. Apply a generous amount onto a thin tray and slide under fridges, beds, lounges, cupboards and washing machines.

Apply outside the home near any entry points at ground level. Create a complete ground barrier around the inside perimeter of garages.

Coat the inside of all inside/outside bins to absorb odours and bacteria whilst preventing ants and cockroaches.


Re-apply inside after vacuuming and cleaning.

Re-apply outside after rain or heavy weather. 

The fine dust is most effective as an insect control when dry.

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